• bernard szajner Superficial Music (CD, £10.95)

    label: Boutique

    LTM presents the first in a series of expanded CD reissues by visionary French electronic composer Bernard Szajner. Originally released in late 1981, Superficial Music incorporates elements of his previous album Visions of Dune played backwards at half speed and treated digitally, as well as the three part suite Oswiecim, an imagining of the Holocaust informed by the experience of his own family. Sometimes harmonious, sometimes unsettling, Szajner’s music is never less than extraordinary. The expanded 65 minute CD features three previously unreleased bonus tracks, recorded in 1982. Bernard Szajner biography: Born in Grenoble in 1944, Szajner first made his name as a lighting designer for Magma, Gong and the Who. Having invented new instruments such as the laser harp used by Jean-Michel Jarre, Szajner began to record experimental, conceptual albums of his own, including Visions of Dune (1979), Some Deaths Take Forever (1980), Superficial Music (1981) and Brute Reason (1983). He has also recorded as Zed, and was one half of The (Hypothetical) Prophets. Since the mid 80s, polymath Szajner has worked as a painter, film maker and theatre director.

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