• outmen Outmen (10" + CDR, £11.95)

    label: Fridlyst

    Outmen is two childhood friends from the lovely little shithole also known as Lindome, located about 20km from city of Gothenburg. Pär and Carl met for the first time when Pär's older brother Johan threw a snowball in Carl's face from a very impressive distance. They really met several years later at a party by the lake that was hosted by the local canoe team. They ended up talking about their American lo-fi heroes and great country legends for the entire evening. Outmen was founded just a few days after the canoe party in the basement of Pär's parents' house. "Their noise is a little bit strange. This has something to do with their lo-fi production but not only. "I wrote your name in snow" from their debut mini album is a perfect example of what this band from the little town Lindome is good at. A very simple song, but with many diverse little ideas in it. Impossible to categorize it. Let's call it awkward pop. "Blood red kite" is also a little awkward but most of all truly jazz. Still pop? Not that much, actually. So it's impossible to guess what's gonna happen next. Very rare. The band is quite unusual: shy and grandiose at the same time."

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