• james ausfahrt Party for the Arty People (LP + CD, £12.50)

    label: Fridlyst

    James has been recording songs for a couple of years now and he has built up a reputation of a crazy sexy cool lo-fi artist on the west coast of Sweden. Any of you that have been lucky enough to hear him know his music is addictive, trashy and beautiful. James believes in the "one take theory" and has recorded more then 80 songs of disco, pop, rock and roll, old school electronica and new wave all of the lo-fi mentality. "If any of you are (Swedish) record collectors than you might like to know that James Ausfahrt's new vinyl release could well be your holy grail. I've written about his stuff here and here. What characterizes these songs as something different are the irreverent lyrics and the odd mixture of casio beats and guitar strumming. For instance, "Lucy Ferocious" starts with a blast of electronic feedback and then and then quickly morphs into lo-fi bedroom pop a la Jonathan Richman meets Jens Lekman." - swedenplease.net

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