• navvy Idyll Intangible (CD, £10.25)

    label: angular recording corporation

    ‘Idyll Intangible’ is the brilliant debut album from Sheffield’s dysfunctional artpop troupe Navvy. Formed from parts of several underground Sheffield bands by advertising in the local laundrette, Navvy are a four piece whose sound is fractured and choppy, while retaining melody amongst the chaos. Their debut album was recorded over eight days with local super producer Alan Smyth (Pulp/Arctic Monkeys/The Long Blondes) using seven vintage synths, all sorts of percussion and a 12-string guitar. ‘Idyll Intangible’ draws inspiration from sources that are not traditional in the pop or rock worlds. Everyday things such as plastic bags, buildings, TV documentaries and books, became the starting point for the songs, rather than relationships with people. Musically, they draw on a fractured and discombobulated feeling. As with the lyrics the music purposely takes expectations, breaks them up and re-assembles parts in the 'wrong' order, altering the meaning by cutting and pasting. This has drawn comparisons to The Fall, Pixies and Devo, however the sound had evolved since the release of their clattering debut EP ‘4 Songs’ in 2008 to include some brilliant synth touches and interweaving vocals. "Navvy have pure potential... They sound like they're from Akron, they sound like Devo or Pere Ubu or something.” – The Long Blondes; "A bit like The Yummy Fur…there's fun to be found in their trivial, tuneful and percussive pop noise." – Drowned In Sound; "Abrasive art-rock… Lean, lo-fi, Wire-y postpunk.” – Rob Webb, Sheffield Telegraph; "Wonderful art-pop – mindblowing... Art-rock gone pop. Erratic, raw and brash. More please." – This is Fake DIY.

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