• samandtheplants The Eft (CD, £9.25)

    label: Twisted Nerve

    The debut album from Faust-esque zygotic zitherist and two-headed acidic folk outfit. Partially separating the frostbitten fells that make up Lancashire’s lucid landscape are small clusters of naked black trees and hedgerows that provide shelter for a host of disgruntled inhabitants hibernating from typically cruel British Winters. In a wood not dissimilar to this you’ll find a welcome cohabitant who spends his time making fractured folk songs with limited electricity and a wide range of mutant, mechanical music machines ranging from zygotic zithers to 10 second tape loops, lutes and flutes. Imagine Delia Derbyshire in deepest Lancashire recording a Nepalese Incredible String Band with members of Os Mutantes and Faust keeping the generator warm and the kitchen operating in audible proximity. Sam McLoughlin’s viscously self-sufficient, fair-weather commune band make the type of acid soaked folk and handicraft punk-rock that unified Gong and Soft Machine fans before he was born.

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