• great bertholinis Planting a Tree Next to a Book (CD, £12.95)

    label: Hazelwood

    Another slice of Balkan orchestral folk/rock culture mix from Hazlewood (King Khan & The Shrines, Mardi Gras BB etc.) Originating from Hungary, The Great Bertholinis mix up Pop and Polka, Country, Hungarian Folk and everything that lies inbetween. Between polka and bluegrass, between revue and spiritual, flourish both cosmopolitan pop appeal and folklore tradition, breaking from striking polyphony into sparkling cataracts of melody. Cadences of the East intertwined in polyphonic musical comedy, it only takes The Great Bertholinis 41 minutes to shift the epicentre of contemporary popular culture to latitude 47 and nobody notices - and in fact that's their merit.

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