• melvins / brian walsby Pick Your Battles / Manchild 4 (Book + CD, £15.50)

    label: Bifocal Media

    Once again Brian Walsby and the Melvins have teamed up to produce a uniquely collectable, rare and limited release. In Brian's 4th book, Walsby inks his legendary comic satire, wit and illustrative skill over 100 pages. Brian's comics have been published in major publications for over 25 years. His work has appeared in magazines ranging from Maximumrocknroll and Flipside to Hustler and Chunklet. Brian's art has graced the cover of many an album - from Seven Seconds' "Walk Together Rock Together" and the classic Nardcore compilation to current bands like the Melvins and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Brian Walsby's illustrations continue to rile people, make them laugh and keep them wanting more. Never mind the fact that Mr. Walsby has been the drummer for Polvo, Snake Nation, Ryan Adams, Double Negative, Scared Straight etc. As for the Melvins; what can we say? They've been at it for over 25 years. They've released 16 full length albums and countless singles. They continue to tour the world and play to an enormous fan base of freakishly ravenous devotees. They are rock gods... period. This CD captures the Melvins at two periods in their career. Pick Your Battles is a 15 song CD of live Melvins tunes recorded in 1989 at the 924 Gilman St. Project in Berkeley, Ca. and in 2008 at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. The track list is as follows: Koolegged, Oven, Cranky Messiah, Raise a Paw, Ever Since My Accident, Green Honey, Claude, You're Blessened, Nude With Boots, The Kicking Machine, Eye Flys, Rat Faced Granny, The Hawk, You've Never Been Right, Boris. Tracks 1-9 from Gilman St./Tracks 10-15 at the Paradise.

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