• dark inside the sun Trance State Spitfire In 3 Directions At Once (CDR, £5.25)

    label: Dust Wind Tales

    Dark Inside The Sun's Steve Gigante hails from a small town in Pennsylvania, USA. What hails from Steve Gigante is music that is so rough and downright dirty it will slice your heart and then pound it back together. Mixing noise improv drums/electric guitar poetic meltdowns with warped and tender acoustic blues/ballads - the combination somehow equals rock 'n' roll. But it's the Devil's rock 'n' roll, a.k.a. the real stuff that will literally change your life. This collection of 'moments' was drawn from live performances recorded all over the U.S. then lovingly beaten into shape with help from Greg Saunier. Picture stickered cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a reversible cover. Two killer inserts are included featuring lyrics and a photo that shows a sculpture Steve made in woods near his home. (Edition of 50)

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