• found The Fidelities (mini-LP, £8.25)

    label: Aufgeladen und Bereit

    It’s 2009 and FOUND have returned with an extended player full of renewed energy and pluck, this being a joint release from A&B and the FENCE COLLECTIVE. With ‘The Fidelities EP“ FOUND have traded in the campfire electronica sound of their previous two albums and forged a tougher din, full of clenched drums, dusty synths, strident electric guitar and boisterous vocals. Their new direction could be a reaction to 2008, a year dogged with bad luck: a year which on two separate occasions saw different band members hospitalised in intensive care with pneumonia – a year in which FOUND ‘misplaced’ some custom musical equipment in Hamburg – and let’s not mention the chipped teeth. FOUND did their next step with this EP, sounding on “This Way By Design” like the better FRANZ FERDINAND and on “Now We`ll Never Make The Playlist” like PRINCE in his best days! Also they do their first cover version of the magnificent MOONDOG classic "Enough About Human Rights“. "Their sound is so progressive, so completely unique, it’s demeaning to tie it to the stale confines of a label. Instead, we should be celebrating the euphoria created by their extraordinary kaleidoscopic soundscapes. 9/10" - Drowned in Sound. "Brilliant... fantastic circuit-bleepy-bloppy" - Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1. "Theirs is an ever-evolving musical voyage gliding somewhere between The Earlies' psychedelic pulse, Arab Strap's woozy wonder-pop and an explosion in an Indie vinyl pressing plant." - Clash

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