• cut ups The High and Mighty (CD, £9.25)

    label: household name

    THE CUT UPS are just what we need, at a time when punk rock seems to have gone full circle and is now being again sold back to us by the powers that be, at a time when the only thing a band needs to do to be considered ‘punk’ or ‘indie’ is actually play instruments, and a time when an entire ‘punk rock’ look can be bought online from massive clothing companies (who must not be able to believe their luck selling a look for people whose main object in life is to look different!). Yes, THE CUT UPS are just what we need. They’ve inherited the honesty and integrity of the punk rock master class that is Dischord Records but conjure up the sound of old school UK punks like SNUFF and LEATHERFACE, with a huge dose of Billy Bragg thrown in. Add to that some well read lyricists and you’ve got yourself more depth and content than you can shake a copy of Maximum Rock N Roll at! THE CUT UPS are punk rock you can believe in as well as sing along to. ‘Is it ok that I live for punk rock bands?’ asks singer Jon Shoe in album highlight ‘I Know It’s Ok’. It is if they sound, act and look like this one!

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