• hot gossip You Look Faster When You Are Young (CD, £9.75)

    label: Ghost Records

    Hot Gossip started out life in the back streets of Milan, where Giulio Calvino (vocals, guitar), Nicola Zenone (bass) and Luca Fontaneto (drums) quickly realised they had a collective aim of playing blistering rock n roll. Hot Gossip released their debut single “Stab City” in 2005. Having gained critical acclaim with three short but nonetheless explosive tracks the band toured relentlessly including dates in the UK. The band finally entered La Sauna Recording Studio in Varese, Italy to record their debut “Angles” during 10 freezing days in January 2006. The album was released in Italy in April 2006 and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in August that year. After a long European tour bassist Nicola Zenone was replaced by Sergio Maggioni in December 2006. The band entered the studio in August 2008 to record this album. Following up their 2006 debut album, it marks a step forward in the band’s evolution, both in terms of songwriting and execution. It features 12 songs that were developed over the course of 2 long years of touring and a month of meticulous recording sessions. Not quite indie rock, not quite post-punk or nu rave, not quite anything else that might fall under the alternative catch-all, Hot Gossip’s music might best be described as a style of their own: unapologetic pop and upbeat rock meld seamlessly to create songs that are catchier and more polished than anything they’ve ever done before. The songs here are ambitiously constructed, complete with wilful, drastic shifts in tone. Hot Gossip have a knack for making melodies so wonderfully haunting that it sounds like you’ve known them all your life! Drowned In Sound: “A dancefloor hit to be in the homes of the discerning punk-pop-rocker, Angles is a relatively fuss-free frenzy of insatiable beats and dizzyingly delivered rhythms. It’ll engage your feet and leave your brain time to turn off almost totally that, to this writer at least, equals near-perfect pop fare.” Uncut: ”Angles shares the same inspiration that characterized new wave’s first phase…” Rolling Stone Germany: "Successful Italian hardcore band playing unrestrained indie-punk rock, like people used to play in the late 80s."

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