• japanese popstars We Just Are (special edition) (double CD, £4.95)

    label: Gung Ho

    Originally released in July 2008 the album WE JUST ARE has blown everybody away. Breathing a juggernaught sized breath of fresh air into dance music THE JAPANESE POPSTARS have utterly smashed it. From having essential tunes to smashing venues and festivals the world over left, right and centre. Remixing Beyonce & The Ting Tings, being signed and playing with Justice and Basement Jaxx in Japan, being voted dance album of the year and getting a plethora of awards, the list truly goes on. This special edition includes a bonus 11 tracks, (8 tracks and 3 remixes). Previously only heard live, EAT THIS!, ELECTRONIC POET, THE MADNESS and others are fantastic additions. TRACKLISTING: CD1 1. We Just Are (Intro) 2. Sample Whore 3. Face Melter 4. Delboys Revenge 5. B.C.T.T. 6. Dr Frenchy Bernard 7. Anthepic (We Have Taken Over) 8. The Smile 9. Rise Of Ulysses 10 Total Distorted Mayhem 11 F19b (Droppin’ Bombs) 12 We Just Are (Finalizer) CD2 1. Electronic Poet 2. Urrat Ta Tat Tat (Ta Tat) 3. We Just Are (Finalizer) ‘Vocal Edit’ 4. Sky Channel Flicker 5. B.C.T.T (DJ Mix) 6. Anthepic (Original Mix) 7.The Madness 8. Eat This! 9. Rob Hawk & MYSOUL – So Shockin’ (The Japanese Popstars Remix) 10. Rise Of Ulysses (MYSOUL & Harmony Remix) 11. Rushed Jabb (Magavok & Leivense Mix)

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