• geography of nowhere Inheritance of Jackals (5-track CD, £6.95)

    label: First Fold Records

    Justin Wiggan is a visual and phonic artist; he is half of Midlands based sound experimentalists Dreams of Tall Buildings and uses Geography of Nowhere as a conduit to work with other people outside his comfort zone. This time it is with Jamie Putman from bands Fur and Fields. Geography of Nowhere explain that ‘work came from an emotional derive (Debord situationist theory) between two people cut off by circumstance and time, postal droplets, no language, no communication, waiting for results like expectant fathers. Inheritance of Jackals is a gentle yet deeply atmospheric album, created for people willing to spend time engrossed in considered listening, its beauty lies not in its immediacy but in its carefully measured sounds and richly layered textures. Geography of Nowhere describe it as ‘smacked out Eno, an interface, a response to the current denaissance, cultural mountains now as waste land, a phonic narrative’. Each individual release comes with a unique slide donated by the Lipton Foundation, a last Will and Testament from Jackal himself and a unique drawing by Justin Wiggan and his son Leon Roman Wiggan. Track Listing 1-A sick man breathes, 2-Blood, 3-Crowhurst, 4-Minatour, 5-Morning tall.

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