• them use them Gravity You Lucky Lucky Boy (11-track CD, £6.95)

    label: First Fold Records

    Them Use Them is the solo project of Birmingham based artist and musician Ben Sadler. Initial songs were made on a cheap 1980’s Yamaha keyboard; when the keyboard’s power adapter stopped working Sadler revived his father’s acoustic guitar, saved up for a laptop and began mining a sliver-like seam of gentle melancholy and woe. Gravity You Lucky Lucky Boy is the second release by Them Use Them. The twelve tracks on the album were conceived as tributes to animal astronauts of the 1950’s and 60’s. Granular samples are married with lo-fi recordings and languid beats to create short drifting sketches. Each of the first 100 CDs comes with a unique drawing (signed and numbered by Them Use Them) of ‘Ham’, the first chimpanzee in space. Track Listing 1-Able, 2-Baker, 3-Belka, 4-Chernushka, 5-Enos’ 6-Gordo, 7-Ham, 8-Laika, 9-Miss Sam, 10-Sam, 11-Strelka, 12-Zuezdochka.

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