• spunkle Live (11-track CD, £6.95)

    label: First Fold Records

    Jim Davies has been performing as Spunkle since 1997, when he was offered a one-off record contract by Oxford based independent label Shifty Disco. They had heard a tape he had sent them of his attempt at making music from just one old Amiga computer; they liked it enough to release it as part of their acclaimed singles club. Jim Davies is a prolific manipulator of sound and his aesthetic belongs to the ‘using technology to make it do things it was not designed to do' school. Over the years Jim Davies has created a huge catalogue of music. With “Live” Spunkle manages to inject a dense sense of acidic claustrophobia. Similar sounds can be heard within the confines of acid house, techno and electro, but what Spunkle manages to do is displace them into an experimental, highly evolved structure and develop a sound with real immediacy. In Spunkle’s own words: "Live was actually recorded in a studio. This was not, however, meant to be a document of a live-in-concert performance by a band. Instead, it was the other way around – this was a studio recording, designed to be played live. Either way it was actually a live recording – there were no overdubs and it was done direct to hard disk on 25th November 1997." Track Listing: 1- I Know a Girl Who Squeaks, 2- The Solitary Vice, 3- 63 Swinger, 4- Blues, 5- You Diving In, Ripple, 6- The Vivian Girls, 7- Apricot, 8- I Wouldn't Argue With You, 9- Bubak, 10- Hello Kingsize Heartache, 11- The Slumber Tongue

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