• year ends in arson Vessels (CD, £9.95)

    label: indianola

    This is a five-piece metal/hardcore act hailing from Orlando, FL. With pummelling breakdowns, catchier than hell choruses and bi-polar vocals these swampland natives make sure that every single performance feels like their last one. They start off with the simple concept of making music that can cover every aspect of influence these gentleman bring to the table, but also to have meaning behind every word sung. With that in mind these Florida natives crafted their debut full length. “The meaning behind Vessels is just that we are all vessels, we carry ourselves only as far we allow ourselves to go. Or just the opposite of that, we can become the means to our own ends,” says front man David Nolan. Sounding like a mix between Mötley Crüe, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and TRIVIUM, not only do these guys serve up a record with attitude for miles but they have also forged a truly unique sound.

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