• carlos giffoni The Absence of Essence (white and black vinyl double 7", £12.50)

    label: Arbor

    Carlos Giffoni's heavy synthesiser work recalls the crushing massiveness of early industrial music, completely consuming the air around it with heavy vibrations and total deprivation. These four tracks rip holes through the sonic barriers, loud and powerful but with entrancing subtleties and discreet builds. The nature of the 7" format does not harm Giffoni's work, which normally exists in extended versions; instead, very succinct and unwavering compositions result, creating four vignettes of grey industrial zones. As the person responsible for No Fun Productions and the No Fun Fest, this Brooklyn transplant's presence in the current progression of the genre is undeniable. In an edition of 400 sets in gatefold sleeves, with art by Maya Miller of Heavy Tapes/Religious Knives.

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