• peter walker Spanish Guitar (CD, £18.50)

    label: bird man

    Celebrated influential 1960's folk raga guitarist and musical director of the Acid Tests. In 1966, Peter Walker created a record called Rainy Day Raga, where he took the sound of eastern ragas and translated them into the consciousness of the LSD generation, America. The record is still considered to be a classic of its genre, cited as a primary influence on the new psych/folk sounds of this now generation. Peter, like the great blues guitar pickers before him, disappeared from public and recorded life for decades, yet practised and studied all along. Spanish Guitar is the culmination of this era, finding Peter starting up where he left off with Rainy Day Raga, tracing his beloved Indian sound to Spain, where the gypsies went to redefine Spanish music and create what is now known as Flamenco. "Inspired and versatile, a unique artist who deserves to be heard. One of the most original practitioners of contemporary music. His music is beautiful." - Larry Coryell. "His music is priceless." - Richie Havens "Perhaps the greatest guitarist in the world." - Derek Taylor, Beatles press agent.

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