• burn the negative In the Atmosphere (CD, £5.10)

    label: Gung Ho

    Burn The Negative’s blend of new wave electro pop casts a wry and canny eye over relationships, fame and late Noughties Britain. Signed to Gung-Ho Recordings, home to The Japanese Popstars, Gus Gus, Zoo Brazil, Petter & The Pix and others, Burn The Negative have just been added to ITB’s roster, the live agency that represents The Verve, Soulwax, Hot Chip, Roisin Murphy and many more. The four piece band cite Japan, David Sylvian, Gary Numan, Sonic Youth, Bowie, Baby Ford, Nine Inch Nails and a dozen others as holding key spots in their music collections. All local lads, Mark Baker (vocals), Gary Little (synths), Gareth Milburn (bass/synths) and Lee Smith (guitar), formed in their native Carlisle in February 2008. Exemplifying this decade’s fusing of electronica with guitar pop, the four-piece found common ground and began building a name for themselves on the live circuit. This debut album was recorded between Carlisle and Abbey Road Studios (the legendary studio liked their material so much they featured the band on their website). It’s a unique concoction of energetic, trashy disco blended with electro beats, New Romantic rhythms and the spirit of ‘70s punk, ‘80s rock and ‘90s house. Single ‘Wonder Why’ nestles between the epic electronic pop of ‘Low’, ‘Lights’ and ‘Travelogue’. ‘She Said She Said’ and ‘You Control Me’ are fine examples of their drum machine synth-rock, while the shimmering electro funk of ‘Time’ and ‘Change’ sit perfectly alongside instrumental tracks such as ‘Life In Hansa’, ‘Hero In Tokyo’ and ‘Secret Garden’.

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