• noisy pig Disaster # 1 (CD, £9.75)

    label: Cochon Records

    Noisy Pig is the electro-pop alter ego of Bernardo Santarelli, a Berlin based musical performer. Originally from Italy, his passion for music began when he bought his first Bikini Kill record. The unbridled energy of riot grrrls was a strong base for Noisy Pig and continues to provide constant inspiration. Four years after forming the no-wave band Dada Swing, Noisy Pig moved from Rome to Berlin in 2004, where he wanted to continue subverting indie pop. Noisy Pig developed his unique blend of bubblegum-glitch-pop-dance-punk while playing in many underground queer venues and collaborating with fringe artists (Stereo Total, Echokrank, Allisone Wolfe). He has toured extensively throughout Europe, and has shared stages with many acclaimed performers, including: Deerhoof, Erase Errata, The Blow, Yacht, Dean Decon and Numbers. He has also performed in several Queer Festivals (London, Copenhagen, Oslo) where his live multimedia performances are often an entertainment highlight: flamboyantly dressed in this signature pig helmet, Noisy Pig jumps from drums to melodica, from glockenspiel to toys, as his perverted humour and kitsch stage style locks his audience in a captivating reception. Noisy Pig is also co-organiser and resident dj of POOPSY CLUB, a place that people have dubbed "Berlin's funniest queer party! Since collaborating with some of Europe's most innovative fringe performing artists and releasing a collection of acclaimed singles, Noisy Pig is unleashing DISASTER # 1 - a refreshing collection of 14 colourful electro-pop songs for the most queering dance floor! DISASTER # 1 blends bubblegum glitch-pop, dance punk, lo-fi guitar riffs and electrifying dance beats with queer-catchy lyrics and melodies that will bounce round your head for hours. Imagine The Bis playing and Mouse On Mars or Stereo Total rocking out in a rave party! Some of Europe's most underground music personalities also feature: Brezel Goering (Stereo Total), Allisone Wolfe (Bratmobile, Partyline) and Japanese popstar Hanayo, along with 2 hot remixes by Eats Tapes and Hawnay Troof!

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