• dj woody vs. the body snatchers: mix series vol. 1  (CD, £8.25)

    label: passenger

    Believe it or not one of the most creative minds to hit the scratch DJ scene this millennium doesn’t hail from the Bronx or Brooklyn but in fact Burnley in the UK. Lee Woodvine AKA DJ Woody has invented a whole host of groundbreaking scratch and turntable techniques, helped Vestax to design the Worlds first ever musical turntable instrument & has 5 major UK and World DJ titles to his name. With 3 critically acclaimed mix albums and an impressive CV of collaborative recordings Woody has worked with the industries most revered producers. He’s toured with Madlib (Stones Throw), recorded with Aquasky (Moving Shadow/Passenger) & Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) and was a member of DJ Vadim’s world famous touring outfit The Russian Percussion making up one quarter of Ninja Tunes’ supergroup One Self. Now Woody has taken on a new challenge. He was offered the chance to take all the previous Body Snatchers material along with a host of exclusives from the band and also fresh material from the label owners Aquasky and turn out a 60 minute mix that showcases his talent in 2009. Containing exclusive freestyles with a host of rappers from the US and UK and a truckload of world class scratch routines, Woody Madera comes with one of the most exciting scratch DJ mixes since DJ Q-bert took hold of DJ Shadow’s back catalogue 10 years ago for the seminal Mo Wax label. tTacklist: 1: The Body Snatchers - Pimpin’ International 1.1: Aquasky - ’Legs’ (Instrumental) 1.2: DJ Woody - ’Intro scratch’ 2: The Body Snatchers - ’Street Raver Riddim’ - Exclusive 2.1: The Body Snatchers - ’Mami’ (Acapella) 3: The Body Snatchers - ’Mami’ (Instrumental) 3.1: Charles Victor - Freestyle 4: The Body Snatchers - ’Yeah You’ (Instrumental) 4.1: Circa ’95 - Freestyle 5: The Body Snatchers - ’I Like what I See’ (Rework) 6: Aquasky - ’The Day’ (Instrumental) 6.1: The Body Snatchers - ’Yeah You’ (Acapella) 7: The Body Snatchers - ’The Pharoah Riddim’ - Exclusive 7.1: Goldmouf - Freestyle 8: The Body Snatchers - ’Who Dat Riddim’ - Exclusive 8.1: Frilla - Freestyle 9: The Body Snatchers- ’Epic Riddim’ - Exclusive 9.1: Frilla & Scarz - Freestyl 10: The Body Snatchers - ’Gun Runna Riddim’ - Exclusive 10.1: Sirplus - Freestyle 11: Aquasky - ’The Don Dada Beat’ - Exclusive 11.1: The Body Snatchers - ’We Here’ (Acapella) 12: The Body Snatchers - Jaminglish (Rework) 13: The Body Snatchers - ’Monster Cash’ (Instrumental) 13.1: DJ Woody - Monster Scratch 13.2: The Body Snatchers - ’Monster Cash’ 14: Body Snatchers - ’We Here’ (Instrumental) 14.1: DRS of Broke n English - Freestyle 15: Aquasky - ’Beat Street Breakdown’ - Exclusive 15.1: Aquasky feat. Blu Rum 13 - ’Tell Me You Love It’ (Acapella) 15.2: Aquasky - ’The Bridge Ain’t Over’ - Exclusiv 16: The Body Snatchers - Ho Love 17: The Body Snatchers - ’Twist Up’ 17.1: Lex One - Freestyle 17.2: Baobinga & I.D. feat Virus Syndicate - ’Jump Up Get Hype’ (Acapella) 18: The Body Snatchers - ’My Appetite’ 19: The Body Snatchers - ’Call Me (Backdraft Mix)’ 19.1: DJ Woody - Scratch workout 20: The Body Snatchers - ’Big Ass, Mini Skirt’ 21: The Body Snatchers - ’Freaky Ho’ 21.1: Real Dolls - ’Slap Dash’ Acapella (DJ Woody Rework) 21.2: The Body Snatchers - ’Freaky Ho (Beatmonkeys Mix)’ 21.3: The Body Snatchers - ’I Like What I See (Micky Slim Mix)’ 22: The Body Snatchers - ’I Like What I See (Joker Mix)’ 22.1: Lex One - Freestyle 23: The Body Snatchers - ’Dangerous’ 24: Aquasky feat. The Ragga Twins - ’Let Me See Your Hands (The Body Snatchers Crank Dat Mix)’ 25: The Body Snatchers - ’Club Beat Internationale’ 26: The Body Snatchers - ’Back Seat Anthem - Lover’s Dub (The Beat Monkeys Mix)’ - Exclusive 26.1: DJ Woody - Scratch mayhem outro 27: The Body Snatchers - ’Back In The Day’

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