• emily scott abcdefg...etc... (CD, £11.95)

    label: Aufgeladen und Bereit

    This is just a collection of some letters and some musical notes, in various combinations. Rooted in Scotland’s thriving folk/anti-folk scene, this second album from double-bassist and singer/songwriter Emily Scott combines simple elements of folk, back-porch skiffle and old-time music hall with her trademark quirky word-play and multi-syllabic rhymes. “abcdefg…etc…” is a glass up to the wall or a tiny fishing net, gathering insignificant details and just observing them; a chiming clock, an old photograph, a jar of buttons, the sound of the needle on a record that’s ended, the morning sun moving across a bed - nothing major, just the really good stuff. Inspired in part by something Tom Waits once said in an interview - that a good record should be made like a handmade doll with tinsel for hair - Emily Scott’s DIY ethic plays a major part in the recording process (playing almost everything herself and co-producing), and this extends to the labour of love that is her handmade packaging, each copy individually cut, folded and rubber-stamped. Recorded at the fireside of ex-Incredible String Band member Malcolm Le Maistre (and featuring him on banjo), “abcdefg…etc…” is a simply and lovingly crafted work, as if Joni Mitchell had met Noel Coward and they spent the afternoon baking jam tarts…

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