• kamikatze / disco volante Split (CD, £9.95)

    label: Chorus of One Records

    This is a split release by two bands from Sweden with a total of seven band members, six of whom are female. Both bands play raw and energetic punk rock the old fashioned way, but they both do it differently. The main features of Kamikatze’s music are that it’s fast, simple and very pissed off, while Disco Volante chooses a slightly more melodic, rock ‘n’ roll influenced approach with lots of guitar solos. Kamikatze’s vocals sound so pissed that at times they verge on hysteria, while Disco Volante’s occasional off key attempts at singing come off a bit twangy. Nevertheless, both bands present five originals and a cover tune each (Kamikatze does Kamikaze Attack’s “Kamika(t)ze Attack”, Disco Volante does The Misfits’ “Children in Heat”) that are worth checking out if you’re into old fashioned punk rock.

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