• andy nice The Secrets of Me (CD, £8.95)

    label: Front and Follow

    The debut album by Andy Nice showcases the beauty and versatility of the cello. Opening track Orangeblu hangs graceful and melancholic harmonies on a sombre plucked string beat. Haunting track two, Holly at the Ivy, opens with a coy dancing rhythm that sounds almost 'bleep' synthesised at first; blossoming into a stately waltz intertwining threads of melody at either ends of the cello's remarkable range. The final track Somebody Take Me Home defies the mould in its addition of the silkily imploring vocals of Maple Bee. It develops into a slow dance hinting at deeper melancholy. Andy is currently recording and performing with Tindersticks. He has played with everyone from Luke Haines' Baadar Meinhof to Cradle of Filth to Orbital, and has performed and recorded around the globe. He is the cellist with string/dance music aficionados Instrumental, and is now wanting to push the boundaries of the cello through his solo work, which uses layers of multiple cello parts and personalities to create a beguiling sound. The album is mastered by fellow Tindersticks stalwart Terry Edwards.

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