• monster zoku onsomb Earth Eaters (double LP, £15.25)

    label: Death$ucker Records

    Also includes link to download 27 remixes of Earth Eaters by Electromeca, Sickboy, Cursor Minor, Parasite, End, Toxic Lipstick & Ove-Naxx, Berserker and many more! Brisbane City's most popular electronic act return after their third European tour with a third album that defies all genre boundaries and continues their exploratory odyssey. At its core, Earth Eaters is a fun album drawing influences from 50's rockabilly to underground dubstep and manages to fuse funk, dancehall and pop aesthetics all into one. After two sold out albums in Australia and two sold out 12" releases in the UK, MZO turn up the heat and deliver their most diverse, yet accessible collection of tunes to date. Songs such as the robopop title track, the whistle friendly "Children Of The Atom" and the straight up synth rock of "Suicide Sinewave" mark a new stage for MZO. Earth Eaters is an album that shows a definite progression of the MZO sound, which is big in both ideas and bass. Featuring more hooks than a fishing tournament, and more growls than a werewolf convention. Tracklisting: A1. Earth Eaters A2. Matterhorn Stab A3. La Vida Me Sonrie La Hija De Puta B1. Children of the Atom B2. Exterminape B3. Scathing Beauty C1. Frankin'stein C2. Suicide Sinewave C3. Drag Strippers D1. Raggiddim D2. Team Siouxsie D3. Xylophobia

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