• kevin junior Ruins (a Collection of Rarities, B-Sides & Outtakes) (CD, £11.50)

    label: Hanky Panky Records

    Anyone seriously into the best American indie bands of the last ten years will surely get excited if you name The Chamber Strings. It is the band formed in 1997 by Kevin Junior. “Ruins” traces an alternative story through its 19 rare or unissued tracks recorded by Kevin under different guises in the last 20 years: The Mystery Girls (1986-1992), The Rosehips (1992-1996) and The Chamber Strings (1997- present time) and on his own. Kevin has opened up his vaults to re-evalute his long career, and the result is a collection that will serve both long-standing fans, who will find plenty to rejoice in, and newcomers, who will discover the amazing talent of one Kevin Junior. Kevin’s influences include Ray Davies, Brian Wilson, Brill Building pop, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Alex Chilton, 60's soul, Pretenders, Dan Penn, Only Ones, The Raspberries and Jimmy Webb. The group toured the US and Europe several times, gaining a faithful following around the world and receiving an overwhelming amount of critical praise and honours such as landing on dozens of publications' top 10 LPs and Number 1 slots for 'Gospel Morning' and 'Month Of Sundays' (London's The Guardian had it in they're "Top 10 all-time neglected American classics"). After the success of the 'Month Of Sundays' album the band took an extended hiatus. Leader Kevin Junior found himself unable to carry on. A long battle with depression ensued due in part to divorce from his wife of 15 years, homelessness, drug addiction and other health-related problems. His Brian Wilson-esqe disappearance led many to wonder if he had dropped off the face of the Earth and would he ever return? He has, indeed. From the fall of 2004 to mid-2005, Kevin toured extensively throughout Germany, Italy, Belgium and England in a solo acoustic setting, while also serving time playing guitar for old-time partner Nikki Sudden on several European gigs. He also oversaw the release of 'Good Things', the final album from his late musical companion and friend, Epic Soundtracks. Tracks: 1.Common At Noon (The Rosehips), 2.It's Not Worth Fighting (The Chamber Strings live), 3.Whiskey In A Jar (The Rosehips), 4.Gorgeous Nowhere (The Rosehips), 5.Baby It's You (The Chamber Strings), 6.Dead Endings (The Chamber Strings), 7.Thank My Lucky Stars (Kevin Junior solo demo), 8.Beautiful You (The Chamber Strings live), 9. I Pray for Rain (The Chamber Strings), 10. Kevin Junior (Hushdrops, Kevin on lead vocals) 11. Dead Man’s Poise (Kevin Junior, solo demo), 12.Ragdoll (The Rosehips) 13.Contact High (The Mystery Girls) 14. Last Lovers (The Chamber Strings), 15. It's Not Enough (Kevin Junior), 16.Telegram (Where's My Horn?) (The Chamber Strings), 17.No More Songs (The Chamber Strings), 18.Beautiful Mothers & Somebody’s Wife (The Chamber Strings), 19.Sleepy Night (Kevin Junior solo demo)

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