• bored teenagers vol. 5  (CD, £9.50)

    label: bin liner

    27 tracks (11 more than the vinyl version) Rare and obscure tracks from BLITZ, VICARS, RATS, TARTS, T.H.E, EGOS, REZIZTERS and the NEGATIVES. Blitz "Strange Boy" "We're OK Sod You" "Rabid Dog (Vocal)" "Rabid Dog (Instrumental)" The Vicars "No One Listens" "School" "I'm Going Mad" The Rats "For Your Pleasure" "First Mistake" The Tarts "Job Satisfaction" "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" "Vanity World" "Looking At Me" "Drowning" Pete Newnham "Rudi" T.H.E. "The Ballad Of Johnny The Snark" Pete Newnham "Outside My Window" T.H.E. "Play With Fire" The Egos "Pretty Face" "I'm In Love With You" The Rezizters "Adolescence" "Copy Cat" "TV" The Negatives "Little Green Man Fever" "69" "Because I Love You" "Black Panther"

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