• glide & swerve Bring Back Love (CD, £7.75)

    label: Gung Ho

    Glide & Swerve’s cloud-gazing electronica is the perfect companion to 2009’s summer adventures. Mining a similar path to Lemon Jelly, Ultramarine and Zero 7, the duo’s debut album is a beautifully crafted long-player brimming with horizontal beats, pastoral melodies and Balearic goodness. Glide & Swerve, aka Ivan and Simon, began life in Hong Kong as a production outfit and promoters of the island’s most infamous parties (often 2-day affairs which attracted international travellers, ex-pats and Hong Kong Chinese alike). In addition to the DJs they’d fly in, Glide & Swerve would perform live alongside several vocalists, occasional dance troupes, musicians and a video artist who would create live backdrops on a 40-foot canvas behind the band. Upon returning to the UK, Glide & Swerve began working on their own material and remixes for other artists. They released tracks and mixes for the likes of Pacha, Seamless and 852. If electro pop is the current sound of Saturday night Britain, then ‘Bring Back Love’ is the soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon spent in ‘recovery’. Single ‘And I Smile’ is one of the album’s vocal tracks, and has been played by specialist radio shows including that of French whiz, Laurent Garnier. Elsewhere, the album crosses downtempo beats (‘Inner Dub’) with dub (‘Falling’ and ‘The Journey Back’), quirky lounge (‘The Last Stand Of Mr Dann’) and psychedelic breakbeat (‘Here & Now’). Soundtrack-style moments such as ‘Lara’s Song’, sit neatly with the broken rhythms of ‘Feel It’, while tracks such as ‘Pure’ and ‘This Is Yours’ show Glide & Swerve can also take the tempo up a notch with ease.

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