• hans van eck BassBox (CD, £10.25)

    label: Audiobulb

    Pulses of inhaled and exhaled air form hypnotic compositional streams. Hans van Eck presents his sound-world delivered from the unique architecture of the BassBox. Hans van Eck is a Dutch composer and sound artist. Originally trained as a musicologist he turned to active performance and composition at the Institute of Sonology. This resulted in some purely electronic pieces later collected in the cassette ‘Blind Area’. Later he teamed up with Arie van Schutterhoef and formed an ensemble for electro-acoustic music, the Schreck Ensemble. In this ensemble, initially violin, synthesisers and other electronic gear, he played synthesisers and was responsible for the mixing. In 1997 Hans started a collaboration with Hans van Koolwijk and together created new music and new musical instruments. The BassBoxes are the best instruments they created together, and since the definitive form of this instrument was established in 2003 (with the creation of the “Pulsor” low frequency synthesiser made for ‘feeding’ the BassBoxes) Hans has focused on making a lot of music for this equipment. In his own words, “A BassBox is an electronic air pump which pumps wind in measured quantities through flutes, giving rise to rhythmically fascinating sounds. I have the feeling that with the BassBoxes I managed, together with the brilliant artist Hans van Koolwijk, to discover a new and intriguing sound world. The music I made for these instruments is very dear to me, the way you create music in the BassBoxes is very close to how it works in my own mind. The album is for me the presentation of my sound world. Music has always been my only destination. I have the idea that sounds can be a source for understanding and connecting to the world in an intuitive way as opposed to the rational dealing with the world of our scientific description."

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