• jah stitch / i-roy / dillinger Foundation Deejays (boxed 3 CD set, £10.75)

    label: attack

    Jah Stitch is a talented toaster, singjay & chanter from the 70ís, a cross between U Roy and Big Youth who were the main DJís at that time. He began his career with Tippertone and Black Harmony sound systems. During the 70ís he survived a gunshot to the head which changed his voice & appearance, but with no serious consequences where recording was concerned. Dillinger started his career in 1971 as a DJ on the sound systems of Prince Jackie & El Brasso. Initially he used to imitate the popular DJís of that time like U Roy, Al Capone and Big Youth, before forging his own unique style. His album contains some wicked dubs. I-Roy, born Roy Reid, worked as an accountant for the government in the mid 60ís during which time he deejayed more as a hobby. Due to the rise in popularity of DJís in the late 60ís he established and operated Turbo Sonic sound system. He then started to take the business more seriously, and went on to record a string of hits for various producers of that time. TRACKLISTING DISC 1 Jah Stitch Ė No Dread Canít Dead 1. Give The Glory 2. Ragga Muffin Style 3. Greddy Girl 4. Make A Joyful Noise 5. African People 6. Watch Youríe Step youthman 7. Sinners Repent Your Soul 8. King Of The Arena 9. Millitant Man 10. War Is Ugly 11. Real Born African 12. Cool Down Youthman 13. The Killer 14. Autumn Seasons 15. No Dread Canít dead 16. Crazy Joe DISC 2 I-Roy Ė Original Deejay 1. Black Is My Colour 2. hypocrites 3. Cow Town Skank 4. Alright Alright 5. satta 6. African Roots 7. Acting Strange 8. The Duke 9. It A Go Dread 10. Roots Man Time 11. Come Down Deh 12. Musical Explosion 13. Beautiful Africa 14. Set Up Yourself 15. Rockers Time 16. Too Much Sorrow 17. Donít Touch I Dread 18. Pity the Children DISC 3 Dillinger Ė At King Tubbys 1. Regular Girl 2. Jah show Them The Way 3. Dub 4. African Worldwide 5. Dub 6. Donít Take Another Mans Life 7. Dub 8. Trial & Crosses 9. See & Blind 10. Leggo Violence 11. Natty Dread A Ruler 12. Daylight Saving Time 13. Fernado Sancho 14. Babylon Leggo Jah Children 15. Truth & Light

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