• raised fist Veil of Ignorance (CD, £9.95)

    label: burning heart

    "They can't keep us down! Still around! Adding something new to the sound!" So the battle cry goes up on Raised Fist's stunning fifth full-length. Picking up where 2006's powerful 'Sound Of The Republic' left off, and tearing at your ears like a rabid pitbull on steroids, the Lulea, Sweden quintet are in suitably defiant form after over a decade and a half thrilling audiences around the globe. The band proclaimed they were aiming for total perfection on their fifth album, which had brutal consequences for bass player Andreas 'Josse' Johansson. The bass player ended up in hospital after playing and recording bass lines up to 18 hours a day, which left him with a serious elbow injury and hospitalised for days. As the band quietly stated, "When you want things perfect, these things happen". Raised Fist deliver an uncompromising and their most challenging album to date. And as lead singer Alexander states in the opening track 'Friends And Traitors', Raised Fist are ready for whatever they will meet on the road - "My name is Alexander, the Raised Fist commander, the unsinkable ship never stranded. Not trendy, not even branded, 16 years and never disbanded, from Hertz Island we expanded".

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