• japanese popstars We Just Are Live (CD, £7.75)

    label: Gung Ho

    Recorded over the last 18 months on the ‘WE JUST ARE’ world tour, The Japanese Popstars exploded onto the scene after an array of gigs. Doing it the hard way by building a solid live following, the band built their reputation on a stunning live sound. In 2008 they released their debut album ‘WE JUST ARE’ and won over industry press and radio alike for being a shot in the arm to the live dance world. The band have since toured the planet from the US to Australia to Japan and back home to Derry, taking in all major festivals on the way. The album recorded live across the globe features some favourites off the original album and cuts on their second album scheduled for March 2010. Tracks: 01 We Just Are (intro) 02 Sample Whore 03 Rushed Jabb 04 Total Distorted Mayhem 05 F19b w/ So Shockin 06 Benni Bennassi ft iggy Pop electro Sixteen. (The Japanese Popstars Remix) 07 Facemelter 08 Catapult (Live Edit) 09 Condor Man 10 B.C.T.T 11 Rise Of Ulysses (Live Edit)

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