• 36 crazyfists Underneath a Northern Sky (DVD, £14.75)

    label: ferret

    36 Crazyfists is evidence that there's a beauty in isolation, a newfound purpose from even the worst of tragedies, and that heavy metal and hard rock doesn't have to be all doom and gloom to have power. 36 Crazyfists recorded The Tide And Its Takers with guitarist Steve Holt at the helm and the legendary Andy Sneap at the mixing boards, which turned even more heads than before. Songs such as "We Gave It Hell" delivered the promise to further expand and develop their sound. This DVD is a collection of a ton of footage over the 15 years of the bandís career as well as their hometown show in Anchorage in January 2009. Includes interviews from band members sharing their thoughts on the band's career and all the wonderful things they have been able to experience because of this band.

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