• count raven Mammon's War (CD, £8.75)

    label: I Hate Records

    Official reissue of Count Raven's 2009 classic.  Mammon is a term, derived from the Bible that’s used to describe greed, avarice, and unjust worldly gain and the word itself is a transliteration from the Hebrew word "mammon", which means "money.”  Old fans weren’t disappointed by this album musically either as it was a natural progression from where they left off.  There’s of course more maturity behind the dirges which augments the anger, disappointment and weariness at a flawed world, but ironically age also made them IiveIier.  The sound itself stayed as timeless as ever, from the traditionally styled riffs to the Ozzy sounding vocals of Fodde.  The Raven flew again, stronger and more inspired than ever, and the world was once again cast under its shadow.  TRACKLIST 1.The Poltergeist 2.Scream 3.Nashira 4.The Entity 5.Mammons War 6.A Lifetime 7.To Kill a Child 8.To Love, Wherever You Are 9.Magic Is... 10.Seven Days 11.Increasing Deserts

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