• lucas renney Strange Glory (CD, £5.75)

    label: Brille

    Beautiful debut album from Lucas Renney, singer of Sunderland heroes The Golden Virgins, described by the NME as “rich, melodic magnificence”. The album is a glorious, romantic masterpiece produced by ex-Cocteau Twin and Bella Union label man Simon Raymonde, and is reminiscent of Richard Hawley or Elvis Costello. It features members of Midlake as Lucas’s backing band as well as Bella Union’s Stephanie Dosen on vocals. TRACKLISTING: 1. As The Night Gently Falls 2. How I Wanted You 3. She Gives Me The Chills 4. A Tear In The Sea 5. Oh, My Pretty One 6. Think Of Me Kindly 7. Lord Knows I Do 8. I Will Abide 9. Other Men 10. Rising Soul 11. These Same Stars

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