• bird by snow Songbread / Another Ocean (clear vinyl LP + CDR, £15.75)

    label: Gnome Life

    Colour lithograph poster-sleeve with handmade booklet of lyrics & prose, & a 2nd semi-transparant poster of poetry & a painting. Here we find Bird By Snow harvesting perspectives in an old-growth forest of ontology & swimming joyfully in wide-wonder-waters of multi-instrumentalism. Cellos, drones, pianos, field-recordings, tape-collage & all manner of drumming, strumming & singing confer and conspire to create Bird By Snow's 3rd LP, their most fertile record yet. Ten free-pop-mantras, ancient-babies of modern song. "Bird By Snow walks the tightrope between several worlds; the natural and the manmade constructs, the eternal and the temporal, the spirit and the flesh. His songs spilling out like wood smoke hanging low over a cool morning meadow. Weather, wind, fire, water and air, acoustic instruments and nuanced amplification illuminating the inter-connections. Exploring personal and universal identities with an understated, yet sometimes quite grand grace and organically natural ease, almost like these songs sound like they just happened rather than being crafted and created. This beautiful ten song set is a perfect complement to his first two albums, and continues and expands upon his northwestern vision quest" - George Parsons, (editor) Dream Magazine. "Dead deer & termites, the fern host to bark beetles, Bird By Snow is to folk what cave paintings are to post-expressionism - a foreshadow of a gestalt whose configuration is unified & elemental... blustery and just possibly the New Archaic" - KFJC Los Altos, CA Public Radio.

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