• gyratory system The Sound-Board Breathes (CD, £10.95)

    label: angular recording corporation

    With fractured brass and cascading flutes scattered over psychedelic carnival rhythms, Gyratory System are like a score written by Kraftwerk for Looney Tunes. The debut album by Dr Andrew Blick - effects trumpet player, producer and driving force behind Gyratory System - was made using an almost scientific approach, a production technique he dubs ‘The Process’. This involves a rigid structure being overlaid with random free elements, chopped up, processed and reassembled with magical results. Out of this mysterious birth come tracks that are as suited to a dancefloor as they are the world of the contemporary avant-garde. Their motorik brass and woodwind counterblast to indifference has set the tongues of the blog world wagging. Hailed by the likes of Vice, The Guardian Guide and NME, Gyratory System, with all its science and formula, actually sounds more like a marching band on acid. Managing to combine the contemporary, avant-garde and dancefloor, you might file it alongside the likes of 23 Skidoo, A Certain Ratio, Caribou, Holy Fuck, Four Tet or Animal Collective – but it sounds like none of these. Across ‘The Sound-Board Breathes’, you will find 11 unreservedly bizarre tracks that tell a story through sound. An instrumental album that deserves your full focus and openmindedness, something incomparable and exciting in the sea of mundane albums that are released every week. “If insects suddenly rose up and took over the world this would be their battle anthem amplified by a zillion antennae. Its bizarre cartoon logic is its diverse plundering of the ethnicity of sound… The best music is heard in dreams, unattainable on waking except here it is! True outsider music for that mad dancing child in us all” - i-D.

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