• papercuts White Are the Waves (7", £4.95)

    label: gnomonsong

    Papercuts return with a single featuring a brand new song, backed with a Neighbors (Vetiver and Gnomodomo member Andy Cabic and producer Thom Monahan) remix of A Dictator's Lament, a track from You Can Have What You Want album. Recorded on the heels of extensive touring (most recently the UK, France and the US West Coast) in support of the highly regarded You Can Have What You Want, White Are the Waves shows the band in tip-top form. Papercuts leader and songwriter Jason Quever doesn't depart from the retro future cosmic fragile pop fever-dream of his latest album, laying the melody out on the most soulful wash of Casio strings, over a simple, drop-dead perfect beat. Quever is as judicious with the guitar as ever, though it still rears its fuzzy head on the bridges and choruses of a song that could have been an AM-radio staple in the mid-'70s. The flipside remix will surprise a few, as Neighbors offer a quite different take on the original version, roughing the song up with an insistent beat and a perfect could it be 80s? vibe that has manifested in the duo's studio work over the last few years.

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