• wetdog Frauhaus! (CD, £8.75)

    label: angular recording corporation

    ‘Frauhaus!’ is the brilliant second album from London’s scratchy, sparse all-girl pop trio, featuring the single ‘Lower Leg’. After the release of 2008’s ‘Enterprise Reversal’, Wetdog quickly set about writing tracks for the follow-up. Comeback single ‘Lower Leg’ features just drums, bass, tambourine and vocals, and inhabits the skin of a classic Rough Trade 7” of yesteryear – effortless style, catchy tune, dancefloor friendly pop gone wrong. It’s their most accessible recording to date, and reflective of the album. The band have an affinity with Welsh genius, counting Datblygu and Euros Childs amongst their influences (there are hints of the pastoral in the melodies) but they are often compared to post-punk artists like The Slits (with whom they toured throughout October 2009). Rivka Gillieron (guitar, vox), Sarah Datblygu (drums, vox) and Billy Easter (bass, vox) agree on one thing – hard and sparse music contrasting with vocal harmonies.

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