• janina angel bath Gypsy Woman (CD, £9.25)

    label: Prophase Music

    "This is the music of Now... potent magic of unspecific era and dimension... the Love child of Eastern-tinged folk Raga roots meeting the lysergic depth of Psychedelic free jazz only to arrive at its own unique voice... as iconoclastic as it is immersed in tradition, spontaneous as it is rehearsed, ephemeral as it is eternal. And that voice belongs to Janina Angel Bath, who is that rare breed of magician - a sonic high priestess who resonates with her place in the spotlight as if it was her own personal ziggurat. Time bends under the trance of her musical spell; from the swell of nomadic chants to flights of fantasy lore to ancient cries of goddess invocation - she effortlessly radiates... with unequivocal grace, passion and mysticism; illuminating scenic tours not only through the effervescent haze of the subconscious mind, but also spiralling aural trips upon whirling astral spheres." - Joe Niem

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