• kidcrash Snacks (CD, £9.95)

    label: Init Records

    Finally a new full length by those four friends from Santa Fe. What can you expect? More jazzy, technically brilliant, passionate music from guys who just want to play music and donít care about genre specifications. There are no well known bands you can compare them with... but if you're into dynamic, highly technical math rock, post hardcore, post-punk whatever with "twinkly" guitars and a passionate own sound you definitely should check them out. Their last record Jokes was one of the most refreshing records of recent years in this "post whatever genre". Snacks is another ingenious step forward. Mastered by Carl Saff (Young Widows, Om, Early Day Miners, Tiny Vipers, Auxes etc.) CD version comes in sweet hand-printed cardboard covers. Tracks : 01. Space Between Mountains 02. Where Nerves Were 03. Grim Collections 04. Wound Eraser 05. Slow Applause 06. Brainsnares 07. Sleeper Wave

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