• illusion of safety Probe (CD, £12.50)

    label: Perdition Plastics

    This is the first reissue of this notable work of contemporary composition since its only appearance in 1992. These veteran provocateurs examine an audio landscape found between youth and innocence, manufactured entertainment and suburban complacency. Using a palette of field recordings and suggestively composed elements, Dan Burke and Jim O’Rourke strikingly capture ambivalence and their own personal interactions within this environment. Probe was one of several early, pinnacle works to foreshadow the unique and prolific audio fingerprint of renowned producer/player Jim O’Rourke when still a compositional student in Chicago. This release fits neatly into O’Rourke’s recent issuing of forgotten and initial recordings. As the constant centre of Illusion of Safety since 1983, Dan Burke has consistently edited and evolved more than 20 CDs from ambience to electronica, from sound collage to post-industrial noise. The complexity and restraint found within Probe marked a compelling new direction for Burke and a great many others influenced by his music.

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