• tuxedomoon Ten Years In One Night (Live) (180g vinyl double LP, £18.50)

    label: get back

    Originally released in 1989 to celebrate the band's 10 year anniversary, this 2LP set, taken from various live performances throughout Europe and Japan from 1985-1988, is a kind of “best of”, looking back to the band's very beginnings as pioneers of the American post-punk scene, through to their eventual genre-defying evolution into full-fledged members of the international electronic/experimental scene by 1988. The track listing goes all the way back to the band's first singles (1978's “Pinheads On the Move” and 1979's “No Tears”), to a time when Tuxedomoon was in the habit of leading the avant-garde on both American coasts: from San Francisco's post-punk scene and NY's no wave. Soon after the release of 1981's “Desire”, having tired of “California über alles” and Ronald Reagan, the band decided to leave the States for the more experimental pastures of Northern Europe. During this time the band released a series of discs on the Belgian-based Cramboy, proving themselves equally able to blaze trails in Europe as well. From this period come some of their most successful albums to date, including 1985's “Holy Wars” from which we have “In A Manner of Speaking” and 1986's “Ship Of Fools” from which we hear “Reedin' Rightin' Rhythmatic”. Right around the time of this album's release, Tuxedomoon went on a 15-year recording hiatus, reuniting again to release 2004's brilliant “Cabin In The Sky” and eventually coming full circle by travelling together to record in their home town of San Francisco. Tracks - Side A: 1. Michael's Theme 2. Burning Trumpet 3. Reedin' - Rightin' - Rhythmatic 4. The Waltz 5. In A Manner Of Speaking Side B: 1. The Cage 2. Everything You Want 3. Dark Companion 4. Courante Marocaine Side C: 1. Lightbulb Overkill 2. Desire 3. In The Name Talent (Italian Western II) 4. Nervous Guy Side D: 1. Pinheads On The Move 2. No Tears 3. In Heaven 4. Nazca. Lineup includes: Blaine L. Reininger, Bruce Geduldig, Ivan Georgiev, Luc Van Lieshout, Paul Zahl, Peter Principle, Steven Brown, Winston Tong.

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