• sone institute Curious Memories (CD, £12.50)

    label: Front and Follow

    'Curious Memories' is the debut album from Sone Institute, the weird and wonderful world of electronic artist Roman Bezdyk spinning together found sounds, classroom percussion and a host of stringed instruments to conjure up a surreal and fantastical world of pure sonic imagination. The record opens with a bang; with Inter Asylum Cross Country and The Wind Began to Switch throwing around samples with anarchic energy. Throughout Sone Institute spins tunes out of nowhere with abundant skill before demolishing them with a sure sense for interruption and irregularity as in the twisted electronica of Hobbyhorse. Some tracks lie more sedate, evoking esoteric atmospheres and faraway utopian retreats. Dark Forest - Silver Sea sheds all urgency to float and meander until finally resting after exploring a mysterious world with childlike wonder. Curious Memories is reminiscent of an imaginary fairground ride in an abandoned English seaside resort. Echoes of the organ grinderís wonky music bellow through the now derelict carnival. Frosted symphonies crookedly swell from a malfunctioning record player. Sometimes charged and insistent, other times hypnotically woolly and off centre. Where chance encounters and psych tinged memories collide. CD comes in bespoke limited edition packaging created by artists Pika Pika, with embroidered patch mounted on embossed grey board sleeve. The design and packaging reflects the personal, hand-picked approach of Front & Follow and ther artists.

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