• sophie's pigeons It's Gonna Bite / Only Us (pink vinyl 7", £4.10)

    label: Red Deer Club

    Piano pop Manchester trio, Sophie's Pigeons give their folk-at-heart songs a fresh feel on their debut single, featuring the rhythm-fuelled 'It's Gonna Bite' and the sweetly melodic 'Only Us'. Outlandish vocals are accompanied by piano, foot stomping, hand clapping sax rhythms, which combined manage to hit the mark and make for a beautiful pop record. Lead singer Sophie Nelson says it as it is: "It's gonna bite. It's not always right. But it's gonna feel better better better." "It wouldn't be entirely surprising if Sophie's Pigeons got bigger labels in a fluster" - Boomkat; "Cool-n-smoky pristine pop" - High Voltage; "It is phenomenal that Sophie's Pigeons have not yet migrated to major commercial success" - Spiral Earth; "Gauche, exuberant and not afraid to look silly in the name of art" - City Life.

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