• gresham flyers There's Been a Murder EP (4-track CD, £3.55)

    label: Cherryade

    London-based quintet The Gresham Flyers are the hybrid of their diverse geographical backgrounds (north, Midlands, south and Slough) and the best bits of your record collection, all sprinkled with a little sugar - David Gedge fronting an unruly combination of Sparks and Pulp. Describing their sound as "classy, energetic pop, boy girl singers, handclaps and hooks you can hang your duffel coat on", the band pride themselves on their instrument-swapping diversity and ear for a good hook, based around the diverse influences of the band, from the indie storytelling of Pulp & Belle & Sebastian, to the electronic washes of New Order or Sparks, to the manic strum of The Wedding Present to the classy pop-rock of Roxy Music, 10cc and The Tubes. ‘There’s Been A Murder’ showcases the band's unerring ability to produce one perfect pop tune after another. Track listing: 1. Taggart 2. Frittata 3. Troopy 4. Your Friend

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