• los electronicos Tradicion En Transicion (13-track 10", £6.50)

    label: Electro Harmonix

    Relying on the extreme richness of Colombian folkloric music, Los Electrónicos used the most up-to-date studio of their time to create a new approach to the songs they played: "Utter Respect" for the songs and mood was the general slogan; total rhythmic, tonal and instrumental LIBERTY was the general result. SONGS: Guabina Chiquinquireña; Bunde Tolimense; El Caimán; Cuchipe; Agachate El Sombrerito; Galerón Llanero; Antioqueñita; Las Mirlas; Cachipay; El Alegre Pescador; Tiplecito de Mi Vida; Brisas del Pamplonita; El Trapiche.

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