• los monjes Musica de las Esferas Con los Monjes (11-track 10", £10.75)

    label: Electro Harmonix

    The Mexican "answer" to THE MONKS! This wild trio not only had the same name as their legendary American counterparts, they also dressed in monks' clothes! And that is not all... because their aberrant lyrics and syncopated primal rhythms show it's not just coincidence or "evolving convergence". Did Los Monjes ever hear The Monks? This slice of black vinyl compiles all the songs from the two EPs that Los Monjes released on CBS-Mexico, plus two songs from their 1966 live album, "Desde el Politecnico", and an additional rarity entitled "Que sera" from their farewell EP. SONGS: Janky Panky; Selvatica; Batman; Oh Yeah!; Safari; Problemas en la Mente; Mi Mama Dijo; Pobre Niņa; Concierto de Varsovia; Que sera; La Casa del Sol Naciente.

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