• new juggler sound Trouble Childs (10", £10.75)

    label: Electro Harmonix

    New Juggler Sound, Laghonia, Smog and the first We All Together (later on some of the members reunite in the 80s) constitute the only rock saga in Latin America. With 40 years of permanence during which, although they have had their ups and downs, they always maintained a solid musical coherence oriented towards what today is defined as power pop. The best of their early magic is revealed in this anthology in all its secret splendour. New Juggler Sound marks the commencement of this productive and secretive saga during the essential years of 1965-1973. During their founding moments (and they had many, as their history is full of reinvention) they were their country's version of the Beatles. But once they gained creative freedom and left behind direct influences, they were simply a great rock and roll band with an unparalleled sound. Extremely influenced from the beginning by the Merseybeat prevalent at that time, and guided by the exquisite vocal harmonies of the Byrds, they released two 45s on the RCA Victor label. The group soared higher into the psychedelic stratosphere and moved more towards an Acid style, influenced by the Eric Clapton sound in the Yardbirds and Cream. They recorded three 45s - included here - which are some of the most beautiful gems to ever emerge, not only in Peruvian psychedelia but in pyschedelia period. Be ready for this exhaustive COMPILATION OF THE BEST PERUVIAN ROCK SAGA.

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