• ryan garbes Real Sugar (7", £6.95)

    label: Arbor

    Ryan Garbes is the drummer of Iowa City bands such as Wet Hair, Dunebuggy, Trash Dog, and formerly Raccoo-oo-oon. His recordings under his own name represent a unique brand of solo multi-track recording with a seamless integrity; through a skilful use of instrumentation and recording technique, Garbes eschews notions of low fidelity for songs reminiscent of traditional American garage rock produced in the haze of an early '90s UK aesthetic. Genuine pop songs, cloaked in a comforting wash of reverb, as if Lou Reed had made a record for Creation; more ecstatic than obstructed, Garbes' voice is a refreshing one outside the continuum of contemporary four-track bedroom pop. In an edition of 300 copies with full colour sleeve and printed labels by Ryan.

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